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We’re a full-service software development company who is focused on building enterprise-grade software that matters across many industries as diverse as retail, sports, automotive and events.

We are enthusiastic, ambitious and not afraid to invest in ourselves. We obsess and focused on doing things with software that you could only imagine. With our innovation team experience, we understand the process of sacrifice, vision and clear focus it takes to create something new for the world to enjoy.

So, don’t be shy and let us know how we can help you and your idea, check out our ideas below!

Soarware Labs Development Portfolio


Events Management System

Company Details :
  • Location : Canada
  • Company : Wherks
  • Mobile Applications : Android & IOS
  • Desktop Application : Yes
  • Payment Integration : Yes
  • About : A better way to communicate, schedule and manage your team. Creating more time for you!
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Ecommerce & POS System

Company Details :
  • Location : Canada
  • Company : DoLocal
  • Mobile Applications : Android & IOS
  • Desktop Application : Yes
  • Payment Integration : Yes
  • About : A better way to shop locally. Shoppers can buy from nearest store.
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ProSport.Guru Inc.

Online Sports Application

Company Details :
  • Location : Canada
  • Company : PS.G
  • Mobile Applications : Android & IOS
  • Desktop Application : Yes
  • Payment Integration : Yes
  • About : A Free Sports Pick’em game!
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Our Team

Craig Weissenfels
Founder & CEO

"Craig has over 15 years of strategic business experience working with fortune 500 companies around the globe. Craig has worked for Canada's largest sports and entertainment company (MLSE) as an executive managing tier one clients and developing and executing best in class programs. He has led numerous teams in both the technology, oil gas, and automotive sectors in Canada. He has developed, and led industry leading events bringing together multiple key stakeholders across various industries and countries. Craig's keen business acumen, passion for excellence, and his results driven attitude makes him a unique leader of the Soarware Labs team focused on delivering strategic and innovative solutions for our customers."

Syed Ehtsham Abbas

"Ehtsham is a software development architect with over 11 years of experience implementing data structures and algorithms. Ehtsham has worked with some of the biggest software companies in Pakistan, Read more

providing clients with lead technical software support. He has led a number of successful software development teams and has a deep understanding of back-end development using the latest best practices and agile methodologies. He adds expertise in e-commerce platforms, web content management systems and cloud server management systems. He codes in multiple languages including Ruby, Python, GO, Vuejs, Nodejs, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Hands on with Amazon Web Services and great knowledge and experience with security layers. Ehtsham’s people management and communication skills sets him apart from other engineers. He is creative, passionate and takes ownership to ensure a solid quality product or solution for our customers."

Waseem Tabasum
Digital Marketing Head

"Waseem brings over 8 years as a digital marketing, ecommerce and SEO expert. Waseem has designed, programmed and supported a number of different types of websites. He brings an extensive knowledge in the digital international marketing world. Read more

He has designed a number of successful websites and has a deep understanding of e-commerce and web-hosting using the latest best practices like AWS, Cloud computing, G-Cloud and Dedicated hosting servers. He has the right tools to help manage and increase the value of our deliverables and the skills to boost conversation rates for our clients. He has experience working with Shopify, Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Magento, PayPal, Stripe, and the ability to customize original website’s. Waseem’s positive attitude, great communication skills and passion for developing lasting business relationships is instrumental to our customers."

Irfan Haider
Versatility Marketing Head

Versatility in Marketing is the Key to Project Successes! and Irfan brings over 5 years experince as versatile marketing agent. Irfan has worked for number of multinational companies in USA and EU. He has great marketing skills from a product to a entire company.

M Anser
Chief Technical Officer

"He is a technology enthusiast. He has worked on different client and server side web development frameworks, languages and databases. He is involved in most parts of the software life cycle i.e brainstorming, Read more

wire framing, schema design, and coding. He also communicates with the client regarding development status and bug fixing. He is passionate about learning new technologies and to explore new things myself. He has 8+ years of experience in web development using multiple technologies, currently working in ReactJS and VueJs."

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