One Solution for your Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce platform for small, Medium & Large Business.

What is Ecommerce Solution services?

Soarware Labs is a top ranked, award winning agency for ecommerce solution. We help our clients to setup their own online shopping platform for their brand, shop or store by using different platforms as per customer requirements

User-driven Development

Regardless of whether you are going to build a web or mobile application, we acknowledge that great results are directly related to great user experience. That is why our focus is to build digital experiences that allow users to buy seamlessly throughout all devices.

eCommerce Platforms

Why invent what has already been invented? There are plenty of eCommerce platforms out there that do a great job at managing all the key aspects of successfully running an eCommerce business, providing retailers and merchants with a comprehensive range of benefits.

eCommerce App Development

If your development project includes selling products or services online and you require financial transactions, then what you need is an eCommerce website or app.

Integrations with 3rd Party Applications

One of the coolest and most valuable things that you can do with eCommerce is to integrate all of the key systems of your business in real time so that you can manage everything easily in one place. Modesty aside, at Soarware Labs we are pretty good at building integrations.

  • ERP
  • POS Software
  • CMS
  • Back Office Systems
  • Payments Gateways
  • Intentory and Warehouse Management
  • Marketings APIs
  • CRM

Ecommerce website with one simple goal

Conversion. You want your ecommerce website to sell. And we are here to make it happen. Even the smallest flaw in the user interface or slightly wrong placement of a call to action can send money to your competitor instead of your bank account. We know the stakes are high. Judging our 15+ years of track record on ecommerce website design in Canada, you can tell that we know a thing or two about creating delightful shopping experiences and conversions.

End-to-end solution for your online business

Running an online business is not easy. We understand your pain points. We really do. That’s why our ecommerce website design service comes with an end-to-end solution. Ability to upload product details from the backend on your own? Check. Integration with your favourite payment gateway? Check. Want to set up a loyalty program or promotional campaign? We’ve got you covered.

Choose from the powerful ecommerce platforms

Do you have a specific ecommerce platform of choice? Our development team supports all the major ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. If you want a more customised solution, we’ll be glad to develop a custom ecommerce platform with a complete set of admin and management tools to streamline your business. Just let us know your requirements.

Secure, scalable ecommerce website design

You want your ecommerce website to be safe and secure. We follow the industry best practices to ensure the maximum possible security of your ecommerce site. Moreover, your site data will always have regular backups in case of an emergency. We regularly update the software and platforms powering your online store. In short, your ecommerce website is guaranteed to be secure, robust, and easily extendable with new features and functionalities.